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On this page you will learn how to stay safe during an earthquake, how to prepare an earthquake safety kit, and advice from the Red Cross and other agencies. This information may prove helpful, so pay attention!

     If you are worried about how to prepare for an earthquake, you can cast aside your worries because we are here to tell you how. To prepare for an earthquake you should sketch a floor plan so that everyone in your household has a way to escape. Also make a backup plan just in case. On the floor plan mark off where food and supplies are in case anyone gets isolated. Make sure you take the time to go over the floor plan with everyone so that they know what to do.  Be sure to make a meeting spot outside of your house. This is your evacuation plan. Remember, if you are stuck inside, stay inside. You could get hit by falling debris.
     You may want to make a list of all the things that are important so that you know what gets lost. You can put this list and another list of phone numbers such as the fire station, paramedic, police and things like that in a fireproof safe. You also can get your walls strengthened to help prevent damage.
     Since we live along the San Andreas Fault we are very susceptible to earthquakes. During an earthquake get far away from your home to avoid getting hurt in the aftermath.

Stay Safe!