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About Earthquakes
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Here you will learn about what earthquakes are, where they occur most often and why, and if it is likely or not that your area will experience an earthquake. This page will have many graphs and pictures to look at. Please don't ignore them, they're very interesting!

An earthquake is the shaking and trembling of Earth's topmost layer, the crust. The crust shakes because of tectonic plates moving underneath the surface. The plates moving add energy to the rock. After the energy adds up, it will eventually release itself and cause an earthquake. Earthquakes occur most often along active faults. A fault is where two tectonic plates have slid past each other or slid apart. The more movement along a fault, the higher the  probability of an earthquake. We who live in California are at great earthquake risk. The reason for this is because we live along an active fault. This fault is one of the longest in the world. It is called the San Andreas Fault. That is why we have great earthquake risk.

Here is an interesting chart of past earthquakes

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