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How Earthquakes Effect People's Lives

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How Earthquakes Effect People's Lives
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Welcome to our page about how earthquakes effect people's lives. In this section, you will about how earthquakes effect people like you and me (hence the title, How Earthquakes Effect People's Lives).

     Earthquakes can effect our lives in many ways. They cause fires that burn buildings to the ground. This effects you because now you have nowhere to live. They also can destroy whole towns. Family members can be trapped under the rubble inside the house. Now you will mourn for their loss. During an earthquake, tsunamis are created and destroy everything in their path at the beach. This includes buildings and any other of your favorite things to do at the beach. Now you are bored all the time until they get it repaired. If you live in a small town with only one store that supplies you with everything and it gets destroyed, what do you do? You will starve unless you can get help fast. Let's say your town is under a huge cliff. There suddenly is an earthquake, which causes a landslide. Everyone is buried alive. But if you live in a big city there is a great chance that you will survive. This is because it is so big and so populated with important stores that life could go on even if a huge earthquake occurs. So always be prepared for an earthquake.

Be earthquake- safe and you won't have to worry about this being you!